Industry Pros

Mike Schoby
Petersen's Hunting presents
Border to Border
Sportsman Channel Sunday 9:00pm Eastern

Border to Border was born by a desire to rekindle the adventure of hunting. Like the hunters of old who trekked through the West with only basic provisions, a map of the land and a desire to see new country, we intend to recapture that adventure and excitement in a modern world.

Levi & Samantha Morgan
Bowlife TV
Sportsman Channel

Throughout the life of World Champion archer Levi Morgan, archery has been his passion – even his obsession. Since childhood, he has been traveling the world competing in archery tournaments one half of the year and bow hunting with a vengeance the other half. His dream has always been to share his love for this sport with the world.

Bowlife TV is an exciting show that features the top tournament archer in the world competing at the highest level. But championship titles aren't all that Levi excels at collecting. He also demonstrates his knowledge of the prairies, mountains and woods from one end of the country to the other, as he pursues whitetails and other exciting big game animals.

Julie & Rick Kreuter
Beyond the Hunt
Outdoor Channel Monday 1:00pm, Thursday 5:30am & 10:30pm, Friday 1:00pm Eastern

From unique profiles to their own personal adventures, join Rick & Julie Kreuter as they spotlight "the experience!" Watch the show on the Outdoor Channel, Mondays at 11:30 am est and Thursdays at 3:30pm and 8:00pm est.

Curt Wells & Mike Carney
Bowhunter TV
Sportsman Channel Wednesday 10:00pm Eastern

Bowhunter TV begins its season with more action-packed bowhunts and helpful how-to tips than ever before with Hosts Mike Carney and Equipment Editor Curt Wells. The "dynamic duo" set the scene for each episode and later pull double duty in our highly-touted "Tech Talk" segment.

Randy Ulmer is about as good as it gets when it comes to pinpoint accuracy and he's back to close out every episode with his "Dead-On" shooting tip segment.

The Grind Waterfowl TV
Pursuit Channel Monday 12:00pm, Thursday 2:30pm, Saturday 7:00pm Eastern

The Grind Waterfowl TV is dedicated to creating a quality waterfowl hunting show for television with the highest production standards while promoting fair chase hunting, conservation and protecting the future of our sport.

Josh Dahlke
ScoutLook's The Hunger

There's nothing more rewarding than bringing home the bounty, the ultimate trophy of our game, meat. Protein sustains our existence, and those of us who choose to procure our next meal from the wild have the greatest respect for the resources we've been give. The Hunger.

Brian Stephens
ScoutLook's The Chronicles

Documenting each adventure in a unique way to make the viewer feel like they are on the hunt with the host, The Chronicles is an exciting new series from Scoutlook Weather.

Gary Lewis
Frontier Unlimited

Stories from the edge of civilization, tales of yesterday, notes from wilderness, in the context of fishing and the hunt -- that's Frontier Unlimited.

Each episode of Gary Lewis' Frontier Unlimited weaves a tale in the context of hunting and fishing. Lewis' style was honed in the newspaper business and on the pages of sporting journals. His love of the language, his love of the hunt and keen interest in culture flows in each current of the story. In every 30-minute episode, award-winning storyteller Gary Lewis brings his innate sense of wonder and curiosity to the screen.

The talent behind the scenes is the founder of Hillshadow Pictures, Sam Pyke, a storyteller in the visual medium. His work is characterized by time-lapse photography, thoughtful angles, underwater photography and a sense of the individual.

Bear Archery presents
Whitetail Fix
Sportsman Channel

Join what is now the foundation of an established series, and force within the outdoor industry known as Whitetail Fix presented by Bear Archery. Follow these nine individuals, on an epic journey as they try to balance family, work, life's obstacles, and anything else that may stand in their way of achieving one ultimate goal, "Getting Their Fix" through chasing mature whitetails.

Derek Dirnberger
The Break
Pursuit Channel Tuesday 1:00pm Eastern

Derek Dirnberger and the team hunters of The Break are not professional hunters or videographers. They're just hunters with regular professions who spend every BREAK from family, work and other responsibilities hunting and in the outdoors. We Hunt The Break!

Shane Simpson
Calling All Turkeys

Shane Simpson experienced his first taste of turkey hunting in South Carolina at an early age and was instantly hooked for life. Moving to Minnesota in 2008, Simpson soon founded the company, Calling All Turkeys as a way to share his knowledge and hunting experiences. In 2009, Simpson entered his first turkey calling contest and placed 3rd. He has since gone on to win 19 calling titles and has placed in numerous others, including winning the Minnesota State Calling Championship in 2011 and 2015 along with placing 3rd in the 2015 Grand National Owl Hooting Championship.

Outdoor Vigilantes

A fun filled exciting hunting show, with two good ol' Missouri boys just doing what they love to do!!

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