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Pro-Staff & Sponsorship

Thanks for your interest in securing a Sponsorship and/or joining the ALPS OutdoorZ Pro-Staff.


At ALPS OutdoorZ, we consider our Pro-Staff to be our "Promotional Field Staff." We look at our Pro-Staff as our brand advocates in the field and expect a level of professionalism that reflects the core values of our brand. We expect our Pro-Staff & Sponsored groups to create excitement about our brand and products through interaction within their own hunting communities, social media interactions, and other channels of promotion they have access to. Whether that means posting a picture on Facebook, a video on YouTube, or featuring our products on a full-fledged television program, there are many ways our Pro-Staff can creatively promote the brand. So if you are a true hunting "Pro" or just someone who is passionate about the outdoor lifestyle and our products, we encourage you to look into becoming a member of the ALPS OutdoorZ Pro-Staff.

Listed below are the minimum requirements for securing and maintaining "Pro-Staff" level status.

  1. Be Knowledgeable and Passionate about Our Products – The more knowledgeable and excited you are about our products, the more successful you'll be as a brand advocate.
  2. Social Media Content – Submit and/or tag at least 2 pieces of original content (photos, etc.) monthly. Trophy shots are great, but there are many other ways to creatively and effectively showcase ALPS OutdoorZ products in your photos and social media posts. Be creative and stand out from the crowd!
  3. Be a Brand Advocate in Your Sphere of Influence – Remember, as a member of the Pro-Staff, you are an extended member of the ALPS OutdoorZ brand. Share your enthusiasm and excitement for the products you use with those around you.
  4. Always be a professional, responsible steward of ethical, legal hunting practices.

As a member of the ALPS OutdoorZ Pro Staff you will be eligible for discounts on our products. You can increase your discount and receive further benefits depending on the quality and quantity of the content you produce and share with us. Pro Staff member participation will be reviewed on a regular basis and discounts and benefits will be adjusted accordingly.

If you feel that you have the passion, drive, and ability to meet the requirements above, please complete Pro-Staff application and submit it to .

Download Pro-Staff Application


Paid sponsorships are negotiated annually as part of our overall marketing budget, and the qualifications for these sponsorships are quite high. Some examples of these qualifications include having a professionally produced TV or web based show with high production values and well known hosts. For consideration, please forward your media kit to

Thanks again for your interest in securing a sponsorship and/or joining the ALPS OutdoorZ Pro-Staff.