We sometimes get asked for endorsements as a way to verify that our gear performs. We believe our customers are our best endorsers. It's not unusual for customers to tell us, "This is a great pack", "Awesome design", and "You guys have a great product at a price that can't be beat!" We also periodically get letters and emails from customers letting us know how their gear is working, and you will find their comments here.

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I learned about this pack on a hunting program and checked it out online. I was looking for something that would carry my bow while stalking my game. This pack does that and so much more. From the hydration bladder to the the pockets for everything you need in the field, its a true champ. Would buy again and again.

- Bowhunter2011

Big Bear

This was a gift for my son-inlaw and I told him if it wasn't what he want I would take it and just give him the money, I'll be buying my own since he was as impressed with it as I was.

- Jack S

Little Bear

The fanny pack is just the right size for what I needed, It has 2 pockets, the larger one has a smaller inside pocket with zipper if needed. I carry a small survival/first aid kit, 2 way radio, game calls, field dressing gear, flashlight, as well as a few other accessories... The pack has plenty of room for what I carry with some left over for whatever I may want to stuff in there for the day (food/water). I like that it has adjustable straps on the top of the pack for a coat, or other bulky items you don't want to carry in your hands. The shoulder straps are comfortable, but can be removed if they are not needed. All in all, Just what I was looking for.

- Tyler M

Trail Blazer

Exactly as described, well built, great value product with good design! Will be using for many hunts for years to come!!!

- B. Sizer

Commander + Pack Bag

I love the backpack its exactly what I wanted.I was surprised with how sturdy the frame is.It also have a lot of room for all the things you need to take with you.

- Brandon O

Commander + Pack Bag

I purchased the Alps Outdoor Z Commander w/ Freighter frame pack along with a Kelty Cache Hauler. I have to say that this frame is very good quality and strong. I was very pleased and surprised at the quality of the pack. It also has a ton of space.
Compared with the Kelty I listed, the Alps is quite a bit larger. The frame is heavy and the pack solid. The frame is different than the Kelty but with minor differences. The Kelty pack is much heavier fabric and has metal arms to support the pack shelf instead of heavy nylon straps. The Kelty however is quite a bit smaller.
Honestly, If I knew that the quality of the Alps pack and frame were this good, I would have purchased two and saved some coin. The Kelty is $97.00 more than the Alps. I am disapointed with the Kelty. It has a short frame and pack, and it sells for around $220.00
If you want a bunch of room,a well built pack, and a solid frame for packing, at a great price , buy the Alps.

- Margaret G


The design, in my opinion, is excellent. The frame is almost unnoticeable when empty and on your back. The fold down platform on the bottom worked exceptionally well as a rest for the weight I put on it. Then the webbing on the sides which have the attached cinch straps did a great job of sufficiently supporting and securing the load. The hike out was approximately 1 1/2 miles through knee-deep snow. The load never shifted, came loose or was anything other than properly balanced on my back. It never created any balance issues while I was walking or gave me any problem. I am not a "backpacker" so I didn't really know what to expect. But I was very pleased with the performance of your product.

- John T

Little Bear

We hunted for about 10 days, and finally both got birds Saturday morning. This entire season Andrew wouldn't go anywhere without the Little Bear; he carried all of his calls in it, a few snacks for the all morning hunt, water, and strapped the Striker to the back. We absolutely love the Striker turkey chair. I'll never turkey hunt without one again! It made all the difference in being able to sit for a long amount of time -- and most importantly, sit still. The folding design made it extremely easy to carry. Thanks for being part of the show, and letting us use the products. They are definitely Must Haves!

- Katie Hill of Must Have Outdoors


I bought a freighter frame specifically for my once in a lifetime hunt in the Missouri Breaks. After 12 days of hunting, I was finally able to test out the durability of the product. I skinned out the back end of the animal and a friend carried out the back quarters. I stuffed the attached hide, rib cage, into a drybag duffle and then we tied the whole front end(including front quarters head and horns) to the frame. The crude estimation was the animal weighed 350lbs  guts and hind quarters, I figure my share tipped the scale at about 135lbs.

I did not do these calculations before hefting the pack onto my 6' 190 lbs frame, but was so high from the hunt, it could've been a volkswagon. It was 1/2 mile to 3/4 mile walk to the truck. I took one break. The frame did excellent and held up well to a torturous first outing. The ram will score in the mid 180s.


- Nick C


i really love this pack. i'm a bow hunter and my bow fits in the pocket great and then i can buckle the straps and it holds it in tight. the pocket expands from the bottom of the pack so i can put it away if i'm not carrying my bow. only problem is my son always wants to use it too, so i guess i'm going to have to buy another!

- Jon

Big Bear

After wanting to upgrade my pack from last year, I decided on the ALPZ Big Bear pack. This pack has exceeded all my expectations for what a hunting pack should be. The load bearing straps make it really easy to adjust for heavy loads. I needed a pack that can hang low enough during bow season to accomodate carrying my tree stand. This is the only pack on the market that does so. It can also convert into a day pack with ease. For a true one man backwoods bow hunter like myself. I needed a system that is versatile and easy enough to use for the different types of hunting days I have. During bow season, I have to carry water, calls, release, scent destroyer, food, emergency kit, phone, and my tree stand. WIth it in "fanny pack" mode I have more than enough space to do all of this, while letting it hang low enough to not interfere with the stand on my back. In scouting mode. I undo the fold out backpack and have a TON of room for trail cameras, one-two gallons of deer liquid attractant. Leftover sub sandwich, neighbor kid, dog, or whatever! I highly reccomend this pack if you need a system that will change with the hunting conditions, and is quality made to last a lifetime.

- thejetman


I like the Traverse Pack so well that I have personally sold three of them for you guys. Nothing I did personally really, other than just show it to my buds who have all bought theirs from North West Backpackers. It speaks for itself. They all hunt the same way and immediately fell in love with it. We had Bass Pro Shops, Nimrod, and one other name brand along with 3 ALPS OutdoorZ packs in camp last week. We all compared them to one anotherĂ­s and everyone who wasn't carrying an ALPS pack other than my brother, picked the ALPS pack as by far the most comfortable best pack there. All agreed that Nimrod of my brothers is a nice pack and convenient to boot, but it simply is not designed to carry the loads as comfortably as the ALPS. That is what sold the others. I think it hurt his little feelings for so many to pick a well built more reasonably priced alternative. Kinda the same response you get from anyone who says more for less regardless of the product. One of our hunting buddies, which packed a very mature and large 10 point in the Bass Pro Pack and almost committed suicide before getting back to camp. When we were loading up Sunday coming home he put on my pack again and said, " I'm going to have one of these". It really is a great product.

To sum it up, We haven't packed any meat in them yet, but we know they will do the job very well and comfortably. When compared to the "best of the best", (Nimrod), everyone in camp who owned another brand other than the $350 Nimrod said the ALPS was the best pack they have ever shouldered, and it was no doubt designed better for their intended task. It is the most comfortable well-built pack on the planet. No doubts here concerning its performance or construction.

- Justin H.

Traverse EPS

- Inside the Hunt

Sleeping Bags


I bought this bag from Sportsman's Warehouse earlier this year. I took this bag with me when I went Caribou hunting and it got below freezing. This bag kept me warm all thru the night and was very comfy too. I like the soft flannel liner. When combining this bag with my cot, it made for a very good night's sleep.

- George


Turkey Chair

I have been looking for several years for a more comfortable seat than my turkey vest butt pad. After purchasing and using the Alps Turkey Chair during the 2011 spring turkey season, I have found it! This chair is extremely functional and allows you to sit still longer and more comfortably. Its' light weight makes it easy to carry and it is high enough to get you off the ground but low enough to help hide a your profile. I will never again sit on a turkey vest butt pad. After 39 years of turkey hunting, I enjoy my creature comforts and this chair is the ticket. It is well designed, well built, and offered at a fair price. I highly recommend this product.

- longbeard


I have an alps turkey chair and have since purchased another. I use it for hunting from the blind and around the camp. It's the best. I have killed 3 toms this season with my bow and attribute my success to your chair. I'm able to hang in there with maximum comfort.


- Larry J